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Church of the Holy Cross

The Church of the Holy Cross is the oldest monument in the town. It is also one of the oldest churches in central Croatia, and an integral part of the collective memory of the local people, being a witness to many historic events. Detailed info...

Parish Church of St Ana

The church of St Ana is in the very center of the city, in Zakmardi street. It was built in 1689, as part of a Pauline monastery. The original Pauline altar was not preserved, so there are only Baroque painting of St Ana and the 18th century wooden crucifix in the middle of the sanctuary. Detailed info...

Greek Catholic Catedral of the Holy Trinity

The Greek Catholic Cathedral of The Holy Trinity, and the seat of the Eparchy of Križevci, is an exceptionally valuable monument. In the same site once stood the Augustinian monastery, which was later handed over to the Franciscans. Of special interest to all visitors to the Cathedral is the iconostasis painted by some of the most famous Croatian painters from the late 19th and early 20th century (Bela Čikoš Sesija, Ivan Tišov, Ferdo Kovačević, Celestin Mato Medović). Detailed info...

Parish Churches of Our Lady of Koruška and St Mark of Križevci

There are several parishes in Križevci-the parish of St Ana, the parish of Our Lady of Sorrows, the parish of St Mark of Križevci. The votive church of the parish of Our Lady of Sorrows is the Church of Our Lady of Koruška, which was built in the 18th century, standing outside the town, near the Koruška brook. Today it is situated within the town, along the road leading to the capital city of Croatia, Zagreb. The brook has now almost entirely disappeared, and near the church family houses with gardens have been built. Detailed info...

Other Religious Sights

Križevci is known as the town of eight church towers. Small, but stunning churches and chapels witness to the faith and dedication of so many people over the centuries. The churches are situated so as to form a cross, indicating, purposefully or by chance, that the town is related to its ancient position at the crossing of some important roads. There are three Roman Catholic Churches (the Church of the Holy Cross, Church of St Ana, Church of Our Lady of Koruška), the Greek Catholic Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, three chapels, one Eastern Orthodox Church, and a Synagogue, used for secular affairs, in the town today. Detailed info...

Veliki and Mali Kalnik

Mali Kalnik might have been first mentioned as early as 1217, while the first recorded mention of Veliki Kalnik dates from 1243. The original architecture, if one can call it that, of Kalnik is diverse, and was subject to the landscape, rather than to the will of people over many centuries of its development. Upon its establishment, the urban settlement was dominated by a large, quadrangular tower, which may have been even taller than the remains that we can see today. Detailed info...

Other Sights

Apart from the places which are mentioned here, there are more interesting places worth a visit in Križevci. Detailed info...

View from the iconostasis inside the Greek Catholic Cathedral of the Holy Trinity

The Church of St Ana at night

The old town of Kalnik near Križevaci

County Palace in Križevci

Križevci:Bird's View

Church of St Ana (Flash not found)
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