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The Church of St Ana is situated in the center of the town, in the street of Ivan Zakmardi. It was built in 1689, as part of a Pauline monastery. This Baroque church has one nave and a rectangular sanctuary, and there is a large bell tower between the church and the monastery. There are valuable Late Baroque inlaid cupboard, and a stone baptistery dating from the 17th century in the sacristy. The remains of the Pauline frescos can be seen on the east wall of the sacristy and part of the nave. The original Pauline altar was not preserved, so there are only Baroque painting of St Ana and the 18th century wooden crucifix in the middle of the sanctuary. There are also two paintings showing The Martyrdom of St Erasmus and Twenty-five Pauline Martyrs, dating from the mid 18th century. The founder of the Pauline monastery was prothonotary Ivan Zakmardi. He is credited with founding the first Gymnasium located within the Pauline Monastery, which was granted its Charter by king Leopold II in 1674. In 1786 the Pauline order was abolished by emperor Joseph II, and shortly thereafter the church became the Parish Church, whereas the monastery was converted into the Rectory and the Town Hall.In the Christian tradition Saint Ana is known as the mother of The Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus of Nazareth. According to apocryphal literature, after Ana and her husband Joachim were not admitted to the Temple, they went into the dessert, and were visited by an angel who told them that they would conceive a daughter. A belief that Mary was born of Anna by virgin birth was rejected by the Vatican in 1677. Saint Ana became the patron saint of women in labour, grandmothers, housewives, and childless people.

In 2004, when the Church Tower was restored, the construction workers found some interesting messages from the former mayors of Križevci at the "apple" of the cupola. One is dated back to September 4th, 1900, and it was signed by the then mayor of Križevci, Ferdo Vukić, parson Žigo Ferkić, and other distinguished persons of the period. In their letter it is said that the Parish Church of St Ana had been built in 1664, whereas the ball above the cupola had been gilded in 1900.

The other letter, written in calligraphy, was dated back to November 26th, 1929, when, as it says in the letter, the apple with the cross on the top was gilded again, and the costs were covered by the Municipality of the Free Royal Town of Križevci, together with the costs of restoring of the Church, the tower, and the Rectory. At that time the parson was Milutin Frzić, the Head of Municipality was Josip Strahinščak, and the first town senator was Stanko Žagar. The letter contains the signatures of Strahinščak, Žagar, and the then chaplain, Ivan Kokot.

Branko Hrg, the Mayor of Križevci in 2004, left his message, as well as all the coins of Croatian currency kuna, gilded medal of Saint Mark of Križevci, and Križevci tourist brochure inside the restored cupola.

Parish Church of St Ana

The Church of St Ana at night

Altar inside the Church of St Ana

The Passion of St Erasmus early 18th century, set within the church

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