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Culture and tradition

Education System

The historical overview indicates that Križevci is the town in which education constantly flourishes. In the 17th century there was already a Pauline Gymnasium in the town founded by the pavlini (Pauline Monks), who were presented with land by Ivan Zakmardi of Dijankovec. Detailed info...

College of Agriculture

The 19th century saw some major changes taking place in Europe, as well as in Croatia. In 1848 serfdom, and consequentially the feudal tenure of land, was abolished, allowing the peasants to own their own land. These changes in turn gave way to founding of School of Agriculture in Križevci, which was officially initiated by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Austria in 1853. However, the plans had been put off several times due to lack of financial support. It was only after the Bach’s absolutism fell, on November 19, 1860, that The College of Agriculture in Križevci started functioning. Detailed info...

Križevci Municipal Museum and Gallery of Fine Arts

The Karas House, today housing the Municipal Museum, is one of the oldest buildings in Križevci. It started its life as the Pauline monks’ hospice; in 1796 it housed the first public pharmacy, and later on a popular inn. The building of the old Assembly Hall (today housing the Gallery of Fine Arts and the Tourist Office) is one of the oldest non-religious buildings in Križevci. It is situated near the town park, at Antun Nemčić Square, where the old south town door used to stand. Detailed info...

Statutes of Križevci

Croatia has long been famous for its hospitality and the warmth of its people, and one can say that Križevci offers the warmest small town hospitality and the most genial atmosphere to its guests. Local people have always known how to enjoy themselves, how to laugh and have fun, and the town’s most famous rules on companionable wine-drinking, the so called štatuti (The Križevci Statutes) stand as testimony to this. Detailed info...

Public School in the Upper Town, today Elementary Shool of Ljudevit Modec

Items characterizing Križevci region displayed in the Križevci Municipal Museum

Blessing of the new wine on St Martin's Day, patron saint of wine makers

Main hall of the Croatian National Hall has hosted many important cultural events

Church of St Ana (Flash not found)
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