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Fran Gundrum Oriovčanin, an encyclopedist and intellectual educated in Croatia and Vienna, was interested in preserving human health and nature, as well as promoting healthy lifestyle. He published numerous books, guidelines, and articles on heath care of sex life, conducting one of the pioneer researches on prostitution. He also dealt with dental health, skin disease, and addiction. His book Duhan (Tobacco) received an award at 1900 World Exhibition in Paris. He strongly opposed to tobacco, black coffee, and alcohol consumption, which made him unpopular in the town of the Statutes of Križevci, the best known Croatian rules on companionable wine-drinking. Fran Gundrum believed that human life could be extended by regular exercises, such as swimming or bicycle rides, so he invented a "machine for swimming outside the water". He studied the rich heritage of Croatia, turning to tradition for inspiration. He was buried in Mirogoj Cemetery, Zagreb.Fran Gundrum's walks along Križevci became legendary. Local people used to adjust their clocks according to Fran's walks, since he would go for a walk and return form it at exactly the same time each day.

He conducted the research on "the oldest profession in the world" in 1907, forming it as a " statement on prostitutes ": Everyone seems to agree that this special issue has to be dealt with great care, if we are to take into consideration all the aspects of prostitution. It is very important to focus on the reasons that lead vulnerable young women into prostitution, as well as the connection between prostitution and the greatest evil of our day, excessive alcohol consumption.

He supported early sex education of children and teenagers: A child should be provided with learning opportunities which will foster better understanding of human relationships. Children can adopt their parents' life values. I disagree with the view that children shouldn't be told the truth, or get familiar with human relations, and that, when they ask certain questions, the parents should tell them lies, or some harmless, but misleading fairy tales.

Fran Gundrum was a prolific writer and translator

Fran Gundrum travelling to Egypt in 1902. godine, in front of the Ceops Pyramid

Fran Gundrum in his uniform, 1905

Medical works of  Fran Gundrum of Oriovac

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